5 Factors You Must Consider Before Buying Your Ute Tray


Australia is famous for its love affair with Utes. The comfort, space and multi-faceted use of the vehicle is truly unparalleled. But what makes it more appealing? 

It’s the Ute trays! They offer the much-needed space for your toolbox, work equipment and other gear at the back of your light duty. That’s not all. Thanks to the tray, you can now take your family out for an adventurous ride on your Ute. 

Well, these trays are indeed versatile, making them must-haves. However, finding a suitable tray can be overwhelming. So you might need a checklist of what to look out for before making the purchase. 

In this article, you will find some valuable advice on how to pick your Ute trays for your adorable four-wheeled companion. Let’s dig in right away!

Ensure You Buy a Tray Big Enough for You

Firstly, you must know the exact size of the tray you want. Do not play a game of rough measurements and easy buy. If the size of your tray does not fit your Ute, you’ve wasted a lot of time and money.

So how to fix this? 

Measure the dimensions of your Ute and the space required for all your gear. Pull up a tape and check the size of your cargo and tools. Once you have the dimensions in hand, you can confidently customise your tray. 

Weigh Your Options

The weight of your tray is a crucial factor. A heavy tray will not allow you to carry more load. Plus, it will drink up a lot more fuel than a lightweight tray. So choose wisely based on your budget. 

Many people opt for aluminium trays because they are the lightest variety and can thus carry the maximum load. It also helps save you up on some extra fuel money than its cousins.

Only Choose Trays That Fulfil Your Needs

You have unique needs from your Ute. Is it extra cargo that you want to store or heavy equipment you wish to load? List out how you want your Ute trays to function.

Also, decide what accessories you want to add to your tray. Suppose you want to protect your gear. You can opt for a reliable canopy or a tonneau cover.

Having set straight all your expectations for the Ute, you can choose a tray that will best suit your needs. 

Check Its Durability

Buying your Ute tray is an investment. If you wish to make the best of your purchase, focus on the durability of your tray.

Generally, aluminium trays are preferred as they last longer. They are robust, sturdy and can carry all your heavy gear. On the other hand, steel trays rust quicker. But say you are not sure about either of the materials for your needs, choose alloy trays. 

Find Your Trusted Tray Partner

Look for a reputable supplier you trust will provide you with quality services. They will offer good quality Ute trays and even a warranty! Most importantly, ask around about their after-sales services. 

Wrapping Up

As Utes continue to rule the hearts of the Aussies, it’s essential to find a suitable tray for your storage needs. 

Buying a quality Ute tray is a big move to upgrading your vehicle. So ensure you have covered all the basics. Choosing the wrong fit is problematic as it can unnecessarily eat up your money and other resources.

So ask yourself this. Are you satisfied with your tray’s size, weight, functionality, durability, and supplier? 

If the answer is yes, do not delay. Go ahead and invest in your dependable tray right now!