Eco-friendly yet delicious coffee is here to serve you!


The Caffitaly System is a capsules system for producing espresso and other coffee beverages in-home coffee makers. Caffe is the Alternative name for coffee; therefore, the name is a combination of the two. Bologna, Italy, is home to Caffitaly.

In addition to Bewley’s of Ireland, Princess of the Netherlands. Using a sealed capsule carrying a pre-measured amount of caffeine and inserting it into the machine, hot water is pumped in with high pressure into a cup of coffee, similar to competing Nespresso and Cultural systems. Once the coffee has been brewed, the caffitaly compatible pods may be thrown away, and the machine requires minimal upkeep or cleaning.

Is it true that every coffee capsule or pod will work in every machine?

No, that is not the case. It is necessary to use the appropriate Nespresso capsule for your specific machine because the Vertuo and normal Nespresso capsules are not compatible.

Nescafè Dolce Gusto, Lavazza A Modo Mio, and Nestle Nespresso capsules are solely compatible with their respective machines, and you can’t switch between them.

You could use 44mm ESE capsules with any espresso machine that can accept them. ESE support can be added to some by just changing the portafilter, while for others, you’ll need to buy an ESE kit. Make careful to check your machine’s user manual if you’re unsure if it’s compatible before purchasing.

Is there a difference in flavour between different coffee pods and capsules?

No. coffee in pods and capsules comes in a wide variety of intensities and flavours.

In addition to the many different blends and kinds of coffee available, many pods and capsules are labelled with a power score.

For example, Nespresso’s capsules come in various sizes, allowing you to make a variety of cup sizes. A ristretto shot, a medium-sized espresso shot, and a significant supplier cup of coffee can all be made using these machines. For the most part, it’s ok to experiment with different types of coffee, but it’s preferable to stick with the same kind of coffee for the most outstanding results.

The mornings aren’t the same. The harsh sounds of hot water being pushed into aluminium or plastic coffee pods now wake up late sleepers who were previously only awakened by the soft gurgling of the boiling kettle.

The latte socialist only feels a twinge of remorse when the coffee machine’s collecting receptacle has to be emptied, which is usually after the beverage has been consumed.

Coffee pods are a national obsession in our country. Pods, made famous by Hollywood celebrity George Clooney, have taken over Australian homes and businesses.

Pods have become increasingly popular in Australia, where people are switching to higher-quality coffee, as with many other beverages. Despite their high price, pods remain the most efficient way to get pre-packaged coffee.

Benefits: With coffee capsules, making coffee is a cinch.

The process of making coffee from a pod is quite simple. In most cases, you’ll need to ground the bean, put the filter in place, and do a few other things before brewing. On the other hand, a coffee pod requires nothing more than the addition of a suitable pod to a single-serve machine.

After that, you’ll need to decide how much of each drink you’d like. Depending on the glass, a machine will take the water and perform the remaining tasks. There’s no need to ground coffee beans or use a paper filter or anything like that.