3 Reasons You Should Know to Combine PDF Files


PDF utilities such as reader, splitter, converter, merger, and many more have a lot to offer. It’s just that not all people have the appropriate skills to use them. For example, a person may not need a tool to split their PDF files because they don’t know where they can use it. Fortunately, the web, where many people can interact, brings us knowledge about their usages.

Some helpful pieces of information are how you can manage your files better, save time and effort, and share documents much more manageably by using PDF merging tools. Have you heard of some possible reasons why that is indeed the case? Let’s find out how to merge PDF files and why doing so can benefit you a lot!

Combining PDF Files Using Online Tools

Truth be told, you can find numerous software applications and online tools that you can use to merge PDF files. You can opt for paid or free tools as long as you can accomplish the task. It would be best to use online tools if you are looking for a quick and convenient PDF combination process. They do not need any kind of software installation, plus they’re easy to locate!

Use PDFBear’s Merge PDF Tool

One outstanding option that you have is the Merge PDF tool of PDFBear. You can use it even without paying for anything because its services are free. Do you have little experience in using online tools like this one? You shouldn’t worry! This excellent device has a friendly user interface. See how simple the process is below.

  1. Go to the Merge PDF tool on PDFBear.com.
  2. Once you are on the site, select and upload your PDF from your storage. You may also drag and drop the file for further convenience.
  3. The PDF merger will begin the process automatically.
  4. Set and modify your file if necessary. Click Combine or Merge PDF once done.
  5. Download your newly combined PDF now!

Guaranteed privacy. One concern you would undoubtedly have is whether your files would be kept safe and private throughout the merging process. It is understandable, but you don’t have to worry about your files’ safety. Rest assured that no one can get access to your files aside from you. All files uploaded to the site will be used only for the purpose and be deleted after 1 hour.

Multi-platform compatibility. PDFBear’s Merge PDF tool is compatible with most web browsers and works on any operating system. That’s why there’s no problem even if you combine your PDFs on your mobile phone, laptop, tablet, or other devices. Just ensure a stable connection to the Internet.

Cost-effective and time-efficient PDF combination. As mentioned before, there’s no need to pay for anything to use the tool. Moreover, you can save lots of time without having to install software applications together with the easy process of the PDF merger. 

Benefits of Merging PDF Documents?

When everything is done, you might be wondering about what you can get from combining your PDF documents into a single file. Does it have any use? There certainly is. The benefits of merging your PDF files range from having an easier time sending them online, a more organized archive, quicker printing, and many more. Find out more about them below.

More Effective Document Management

The clutter inside your storage can be due to poor document management. For instance, you might just save and paste your files into different folders, and get angry at some point when you cannot recall where you saved them. Such a situation is extremely common in the computers of many workers. Nonetheless, organizing them would give you an easier time.

To reduce the number of files you are storing without deleting any of them, you can merge them using the method given above. After that, name them systematically to improve uniformity. Create a central folder and nest subfolders within. Categorize your merged PDF files and store them accordingly to the folders you have created.

There you have it! If you can accomplish the things stated above, then you have undoubtedly cleaned up the clutter in your archive. Doing this would be helpful especially when you are participating in large projects where many documents are involved. You can combine several files with similar content and make search and retrieval of specific documents quicker.

Conveniently Share Files

One limitation that you may encounter when sending files through email aside from the size restrictions is the number of files that you can attach. It turns out that although some communication tools allow users to send batches of files, some still limit it to one file at a time. If you face this in the future, you would have to repeat the process by how many files you need to send.

That would be tedious! You can just combine your PDF files into one, then attach the file and send the relevant papers conveniently. If you are worried about the possibility of large file size, a solution you can do is to compress them using online tools also available at PDFBear’s website.  It should be this convenient, right?

Efficient Printing

Typically, how do you print multiple files? If you are thinking of opening them and printing them one by one, then you might be exerting unnecessary effort. Just combine those PDFs into one, organize and sort them while you’re at it, and print them effortlessly. You just printed your stacks of files in just one sitting, and you wouldn’t even have to sort them after. 


Merging PDFs unexpectedly gives you lots of benefits. You can now manage your files more effectively, share your PDF files efficiently through email, and print stacks of files more quickly. All of these, you have achieved just by visiting PDFBear’s Merge PDF tool. That was such an easy trick, wasn’t it? Go online, grab your files, and go to PDFBear’s Merge PDF tool. Process your files today and see the difference it makes!