Mayan Gems Of Slotxo


As a player of online slot games, you must be aware of slotxo game camp. It offers various slot games to its players that keep them hooked for hours. It is known to offer a wide range of trendy and hot slot games. One of the famous slotxo games is Mayan Gems.

What is the Mayan Gems slot game?

Mayan Gems is one of the most played slotxo games and was introduced to the online gambling world in the year 2020. It is being praised by the players for its amazing animations, soundtracks, and graphics. 

When you play Mayan Gems of slotxo, you are introduced to a world where you can discover the mystery that whether the Ancient Mayans were aliens that came from another planet. The theme of the game is based on Mayan and the controversies associated with it including, beautifully designed UFO animations, two-headed snakes, lizard creatures, Mayan emperor, Sun god, and Mayan discs in the colors of green, blue and red. The RTP of this slot game is 97.15% and the volatility is medium.

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Bets of Mayans Gems

Whether you are an experienced or novice player, you can play the Mayan Gems of slotxo without any worry. They offer their players a chance to play the game for real money or for free. The maximum jackpot that you can win in this slot game is 2500x. Other winning opportunities that each symbol of Mayan Gems of slotxo offers is:

1) UFO Wild symbols offer 5x on winning bet.

2) Sun God symbols offer 4x on winning bet.

3) Mayan Emperor symbols offer 3x on winning bet.

4) Lizard Creature symbols offer 2.4x on the winning bet.

5) Two-Headed Snake symbols offer 2x on the winning bet.

6) Red Disc symbols offer 1.6x on the winning bet.

7) Blue Disc symbols offer 1x on the winning bet.

8)Green Disc symbols offer 0.4x on the winning bet.

Features of Mayan Gems-

Although the Mayan Gems of slotxo, is powered packed with its features, the mechanics of the game is simple and straightforward. This interesting slot game allows its users the enjoy their experience, and earn a chance to win payout without any need to trigger the elusive bonus round. Moreover, it offers various features that increase your chance to win and also earn an extra payout, some of which are mentioned below-

1) The UFO Wild symbol will replace all the other symbols in the real thus helping you to earn more.

2) The Mayan multiplier reel constantly changes and shifts its value. This special real of the slotxo games will enhance your winning amount by the multiplier that will reflect on your screen after you land a betway. These multipliers can be of value, 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, and 15x

3) The theme of the Mayan Gems of slotxo game is very popular among game creators and players across the globe. The extraterrestrial them of the game, keep the players hooked for hours.

4) You may also earn a random multiplier bonus with each spin.

5) One of the biggest benefits of playing the Mayan Gems of slotxo is the multiple stacked symbol of Wild. They offer huge rewards to the players. When the stacked symbol of Wild reflects on the screen, they fill the Mayan Gems reels with bonus multipliers. This triggers the unpredictable rewards via the combination that is formed between the advanced technology of visitors from other worlds, and Mayan intelligence.

Strategies for the Mayan Gems-

Strategy 1- The Mayan civilization is known for its timeless precision and advanced engineering, you can follow similar precision to win the similarly themed slotxo game. You can start your journey by placing small bets so that being a novice, you don’t suffer a huge loss. This will also help you gain confidence and get familiar with the game. You can also opt for an auto-spin of the version of this game so that you can sit and observe the game.  When more characters commence arriving on your reel, you can shift to high bets and increase your winning amount.

Strategy 2- You can also earn a chance to transform your simple payout to a big win or jackpot with the help of a multiplier reel of Mayan Gems of slotxo. Sometimes, the win may be more or less frequent; however, it does not mean that you won’t have a terrific experience. 

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