What Is iSelect and How Does It Work?


People juggle multiple responsibilities throughout their day. Between time spent at work and caring for your family, you may feel like you have to carve out time to handle household tasks.

Statista reported that in 2017, 41 percent of Americans felt they lacked time, and 44 percent regularly experienced stress. In Australia, 64 percent of employees indicated they felt stressed at work at least once per week. High-stress levels can make it challenging to handle essential tasks, such as shopping for loans, utilities, or insurance. Fortunately, Australians can turn to iSelect to simplify the process.

iSelect is an Australian comparison service.

Australians can use iSelect as their one-stop-shop to find insurance providers, utility companies, and loans. Instead of visiting multiple sites to learn about companies or lenders, consumers can visit iSelect and use their comparison tools to find critical information to help them find services suited to their needs. The service is free to consumers. The company receives a commission from the vendor when people sign up for insurance plans, utility services, or loans through a referral from the site.

How do people benefit from using comparison tools?

Using comparison tools saves consumers money because they don’t pay to use the tools. There are no hidden fees, either. Consumers receive the same rate offer from the vendors that they’d receive if they contacted the vendor directly.


Consumers save time because they don’t have to visit dozens of insurance companies websites or contact agents for plan information. Contacting each provider could take several hours. Australia’s also home to multiple energy providers and dozens of banks and credit unions. A comparison tool enables Australian consumers to efficiently narrow their choices to suitable vendors.

Using a comparison tool offers consumers peace of mind. You won’t wonder if you overlooked a provider that might have offered a better plan. The tool helps you refine your search, eliminating vendors that don’t fit your budget or offer the terms you need. You can be confident the list of options you receive includes all suitable vendors.

Using comparison tools is straightforward.

Consumers select the services they need. Those shopping for insurance can choose from health, life, home, auto, pet, and business policies. Users to enter essential information, such as their gender, age, and location. Consumers shopping for life insurance may be asked health questions about whether they smoke or engage in high-risk activities like bungee jumping. Consumers shopping for auto insurance must indicate the number of tickets they’ve received in the past three years and the number of insurance claims they’ve filed during that period. The tool uses the requested information to compile a list of insurance companies offering suitable policies. Consumers can review the plan terms and rates and use the information supplied to contact the insurance company they select and sign up for a policy.


Those shopping for an electricity company will follow a similar process. They have the option of searching for a natural gas provider, an electricity provider, or a company that supplies natural gas and electricity. They can also opt to bundle their broadband plan with their utility service. iSelect also provides a tool for shopping for mobile phone plans.

Consumers can use the comparison tools to shop for financial services such as personal, car, business, and home loans or credit cards. Each loan tool prompts users to answer relevant questions. Suppose you’re shopping for a personal loan. Start by selecting the type of loan, such as a secured personal loan or a low-interest personal loan. Consumers indicate how much money they want to borrow and the number of years they need to repay the loan. The tool supplies a list of lenders, interest rates, and loan terms.

iSelect is an Australian comparison site providing information about insurance plans, utility services, and loans. Consumers use the site to shop for policies, utility and broadband suppliers, or lenders.