Tips on Giving Dog Oil Supplements to Stubborn Pup


Dogs are animals that have many wonderful traits that make you enjoy every moment spent with them. But they can also be very stubborn, for example, when they need to take medicine. You can’t convince them it’s for their own good – no, they just know that syrup, capsule, or pill tastes yucky.

See the link below to learn how to trick your pets to take their medicine:

A similar thing happens with CBD oil. It is beneficial for your four-legged friend, given the wealth of healing properties that cannabidiol has. But its taste is not great, which is why many dogs have aversion as soon as they see a dropper. So many dog owners look for an alternative ingestion method. 

Oral Ingestion

If things were ideal and your dogs were absolutely obedient, they would complete the whole procedure of giving CBD oil in a few seconds. They would squeeze dropper content into their mouths, and everyone would go back to their work. But, as dogs can be picky and stubborn, the oral method is not always the best solution.

If your pets are obedient and calm, there may be a chance they will swallow CBD oil. But if you’re dealing with aggressive animals, pushing a dropper into their mouth can be a problem. Also, the problem can be if you have a small dog or pet with certain behavioral issues. In none of these cases is the use of force a solution. You have to find an alternative method.

Use Treats

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There are many different types of CBD treats available on the market today. You can buy these and give them to your picky pet just as any other regular treat. Check with any pet store to find a wide selection of choices. These are convenient but can be expensive. Also, they usually contain low doses of active ingredients and can be helpful with only a few health issues.

On the other hand, you can turn almost any regular dog treat into CBD-infused one. Choose hard chews as they absorb liquid better. Just pour them with a prescribed dose of oil, and there you go. Also, look for those flavored with intense meaty aromas, as they can hide the taste of CBD oil.

If, on the other hand, you don’t want your dog to eat too many store-bought snacks, you can use some alternatives. You can still reward your good boy with a piece of chicken jerky, a teaspoon of peanut butter, or a slice of apple will do. You can pour any of these with CBD oil; just make sure your pet doesn’t smell it before eating it.

Mix Oil with Food

One of the easiest ways to give your pets CBD oil is to mix it into their regular food. By doing this, it will blend into things they enjoy, and they won’t even notice that. Commercial dog foods often contain a lot of fillers, such as meaty flavors, starch, and other ingredients that can easily hide the grassy taste of CBD oil. But these are not the healthiest choice.

So you have two options – to buy premium quality food made of organic ingredients or make nutritious meals for your pup. If you choose the second method, you can be creative with preparing food. Combining meat, eggs or raw veggies, and small amounts of healthy fats with cannabidiol is the best way. Find out how to make your pup eat on this source.

Make sure to use a high-quality supplement and make sure to follow all directions carefully. Most pets respond well to this type of treatment. Also, by mixing in a little bit of CBD into the homemade meals, your pets will be happy with their regular quality of life. Plus, you will save money on commercial pet foods.

Make Homemade CBD-Infused Snacks

Some people prefer to make homemade snacks food for their dogs. These are a popular alternative to store-bought kibble and soft chews. Many consider it to be healthier as you know which ingredients are in it. And the best thing is that you can infuse them with quality CBD oil and make them even healthier.

This way, you can hide this supplement in both baked and raw pet snacks. Don’t bake cookies and biscuits at high temperatures (only below 350 F). Make sure that these treats contain some healthy fats (avocado, butter, or olive oil). Cannabidiol dissolves in them, and the dog’s body will absorb it more easily.

The problem with administering CBD this way is that you can’t accurately determine the dose per single snack. If you mix CBD oil into the mixture, know that it won’t evenly distribute. The solution is to pour each piece with a dose of cannabidiol after baking or freezing, as you would with purchased snacks.

Topical Administration

In some cases, CBD oil for dogs only can also be applied topically. It will have the most potent effect on the spot, as it interacts with receptors directly. The oil can help dogs suffer from painful joints, rashes, irritations, sagging fur, and even flea infestation. But avoid this method on open wounds or if your pet licks the injured or painful spot. Also, keep in mind that topical administration provides local relief. For a full-body effect, choose another method.

As with human supplements, there is a variety of ways to administer this natural remedy. But take note that different dogs will react differently to CBD. What matters is that no CBD oil will cause side effects. It might not improve your pup’s health condition, but it won’t harm them.