Steps to follow when washing throw pillows


Throw pillows are very common in our households today as they are used almost everywhere expect the kitchen. With snack stains, dry drool, pet fur and other types of dirt the throw pillows accumulate on every day basis, regular cleaning becomes a necessity. This begs the question, which cleaning technique should be used for these dirty and germ infested pillows? Here you will find a guide that will take you through the cleaning procedure in how to wash throw pillows of any stains and micro-organisms it collects.

Remove cover to wash separately 

For families with kids and pets, throw pillow covers are an ideal solution to mitigate frequent cleaning. If such is your case, start by removing the covers for the pillows to be cleaned separately. Apart from decoration, pillow covers are ideal as they are easy to clean and take shorter time to dry. Consider the instructions given for cleaning the pillow covers or better yet use the procedure for your regular clothes cleaning as they are soft in texture. 

Pre-treat stains 

This is for the households that have pillows without any covers on them. Washing the entire pillow is the right solution in this case and that can be a tedious procedure. The first step to this is taking care of any stains that appear on the surface of the pillow. Use quality stain removers for the process by adding it to the stained spots on the pillow and rubbing firmly but gently to rid the materials of the stains. If the stains are stubborn even after this cleaning, your pillows might just be forever marred. 

Use gentle detergent and delicate cycle on washer 

To effectively clean your whole pillow, handwashing will not cut it. You need to machine wash the entire pillow under the right conditions to clean it thoroughly. You must use gentle but effective cleaning supplies for instance detergents once you throw the pillows into the machine. Set the cycle on gentle and use warm water for the washing process. By doing this, you will get rid of any dirt or stains on and in the pillow by the end of the cleaning cycle. You can consider redoing the process if the pillow comes out of the washer with a strong detergent smell and in that case use water only for the washing rather than adding any cleaning supplies. 

Dry on low heat 

After removing gently from the washing machine, you should not use the dry cleaning method to drive out moisture from your pillow. You are advised to use the natural air drying technique for the pillow to maintain its shape and not be lumpy. For those who insist on using the dryer, use very low heat for the process and also remember to check the drying instructions on the pillow before commencing the while process. If you use balls, just a few of them will get the pillow in shape without tampering with its general shape.