Spotting Security Features of ID Cards


When it is time to apply for a new driver’s license or renew an expired document, extra care should be taken in order to ensure that you get a genuine document. There are several fake ID cards (faszywy dow√≥d osobisty) out there. When you are in possession of a fake document, the implication of that when caught by the long arms of the law is best imagined rather than experienced.

Now, how can you distinguish between a genuine ID card and one that is fake? We have listed below the features that can be used to separate the fake card from the original.

Image titled “Spot a Fake Driver’s License”

In this case, you will need a clear, high-quality photo. The professionals in the business will ensure that the person before them is the same person as in the image of the ID. It is therefore mandatory to make sure that the image on your ID is clear enough. Any blurred image will not pass the test.

Image titled “Spot a Fake Driver’s License”

The printed details on the ID card will be checked. There should be consistency here. If the card has been tampered with, it will not scale the process.

Image titled “Spot a Fake Driver’s License”

There are various license formats. The experts are familiar with each of them, and they will make sure your ID falls into the category of your choice. For instance, the licenses that are issued to minors are formatted vertically. As for those that are over 21 years of age, theirs are formulated horizontally.

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There is a security feature that comes with genuine ID cards. It is known as microprint. This is so small that it appears like a straight line when you view it with the naked eye. When it is taken through a special magnifier, it will be clearly visible. The majority of countries in the world use this technology as a security feature to distinguish between fake driving licenses (faszyweprawojazdy) and the original.

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When you get hold of the plastic laminate of your ID card, go through it and observe any signs of splitting. Those that hold inferior ID are separated from the original because of the poor quality of the plastic. They bend and are easily folded when they are placed side by side with the original.

Image titled “Spot a Fake Driver’s License”

Another strategy that you can use to separate the fake Id card (faszywydowódosobisty) from the original is the spot that appears on fake cards. Make sure the card in your possession does not have a holographic image. This is another strategy that can be used to separate the best from the rest.

The above features are security measures that are used to separate the genuine license from the fake one. If the ID you have in your possession passes the tests above, then you are good to go!