Is sex after a break-up a good decision?


Love is a complicated yet sublime emotion. The emotional burden of a relationship can be huge, and that is why, in addition to respect, admiration and affection, love must be balanced. Otherwise it becomes a little more complex to handle the most uncomfortable situations.

Throughout life, people grow up with the myth of romantic love, in which endings are always happy, where people change overnight to please their partner, and after a fight, the other person apologises and comes home with a bouquet of roses asking for forgiveness. But that’s a bit far from reality.

Especially nowadays, where it is so easy to meet sexy escorts in Delhi and all kinds of people through the internet, dating apps, adult portals like Skokka, instant messaging and social media. The desire to dedicate oneself to a relationship and all that it represents is becoming increasingly rare.

The break-up has happened, now what?

After a break-up, it is normal for the people involved in the couple to go through a whirlwind of emotions, albeit on different scales. The person who has been dumped then goes through a period of melancholy, sadness, questioning why things have happened the way they have. Whereas the person who has ended the relationship goes through an initial moment of euphoria, of wanting to embrace the world and do everything that, until then, could not be done at the desired frequency. 

However, this is only the initial phase of grief, which will still present itself differently for each of them, and perhaps at different times. But, one point that is usually normal for both is the desire for intimacy, given the appropriate comparisons, as the woman usually misses the intimacy, the sleeping together and the caresses, while the man tends to feel more the carnal desire, the physical act.

And that’s when many start to wonder, would making love to my ex be a good idea? Would it bring us closer? Would it make him/her/them remember our chemistry and all the good things we’ve had together?

Logic suggests that if a couple is no longer together, they shouldn’t sleep together either, right? But logic and feelings don’t always go hand in hand. Also, patterns and behaviours built up during a relationship are not so easy to eliminate overnight. After consulting to the professionals and experienced escorts in Tauranga some points will be discussed.

When can it be a green flag to have sex with an ex?

When both partners are clear about their expectations, understand each other’s place and enjoy the sexual encounter. Therefore, there is no reason to deprive themselves of the pleasure that intimate encounters provide.

In the end, things are not black and white and two adults can come to agreements on a personal and sexual level about what suits them best.

But when does it turn out to be a red flag to have sex with an ex?

Sex with an ex becomes a bad idea when it is done because one believes it is the only way to spend more time with that person, when one maintains the sexual bond because one finds no other way to get closer to that individual. Over time, sex becomes a bargaining chip. The more involved party does it to try to fulfil their emotional need, attachment and longing, while the other only satisfies their erotic desire.

What happens after sleeping with an ex

Having sex with an ex is almost always a bad idea, because feelings are often not so easy to separate as a whole and this can create a lot of conflict, both emotionally and personally. 

Although it can be a good time to make love with an ex, the next day, when the person in question goes back to being the ex, and does not become the partner he/she was before the break-up, one can feel a great sense of frustration. 

After all, feelings of love and trust can only be exchanged in a healthy relationship, and in case of becoming friends with rights, these can no longer be demanded or required.

Therefore, if the intention is to get back together, having sex after a break-up is not a good idea, firstly because it makes the break-up process too easy for the person who left the relationship, and secondly because it can harm the person most involved who is seeking a comeback. Thus, having sex with an ex should only be considered when the break-up is over and well resolved. In this way, the ecstasy will be complete without regrets the next day.

In this way, the ecstasy will be complete without regretting it the next day. And if what you are looking for is simply to have sex, it is easier to hire the erotic services of escorts in Ahmedabad, to let off steam without having to deal with so many complicated feelings.