Are pink Argyle diamonds a good investment ?


Since they originate from unique Argyle mines in Western Australia, Argyle Diamonds genuinely live up to their name. Diamonds are uncommon; thus, while some diamonds in Argyle are pink, not all diamonds are. The name Argyle may be thought of as a brand name. They’ve even created their grade reports with argyle pink diamonds, while they created a particular colour chart for other beautiful diamonds.

Due to the enormous appeal of their colourless and white siblings—for a good reason—many individuals are unaware that diamonds may exist naturally from the soil in various colours, including blue, emerald, yellow, rosé, and many others. Even yet, coloured diamonds, particularly the pink ones, are by no means an attractive investment, certainly not when compared with natural diamonds.

The announcement that mining at the Argyle site in Australia will end in 2020 led to a worldwide frenzy of genuine pink diamond stockpiling. Nevertheless, the myth that pink diamonds are only found inside the Argyle mine in Australia is untrue and has been deliberately spread to increase the number of Argyle pink diamonds sold.

Investment Comparisons

One must discuss specific numbers to properly show why rose or other coloured mined diamonds are a lousy investment. To begin, a genuine pink diamond has a 200% sales premium. In those other circumstances, one would be offered a pink diamond that usually costs $10,000 for about $30,000. 

Let us imagine you would like to resell it the following day.

Of course, one would want to visit a diamond broker or a store specialising in used diamonds. Their bids for the pink diamond may surprise you; if you’re lucky, individuals may get one for around $8,000! Many sellers would cheerfully accept lowball bids from $500 to $7,000.

Regardless of the documentation that comes with it, merchants always will choose the additional bonus of receiving invoices straight from the provider rather than through individuals. Let’s contrast a pink mined diamond to the gold of investments, which is gold, to illustrate how awful an asset it is.

Contrary to pink diamonds, which have legal legitimacy, resources like gold have established global spot pricing. Consider purchasing physical gold for $30,000 and deciding to resell it the following day. In such a situation, you might immediately enter any physical gold trader and obtain $29,400, or 98% of the value.

An essential fact about pink Argyle diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds also are available in a variety of colours and thus are technically, visually, and chemically similar to their coloured mined equivalents. However, they are far less expensive than diamonds extracted from the earth organically. You may get lab-grown diamonds in just about any size that is coloured, even pink, from NOVITA DIAMONDS.

The lab-grown diamond’s pink colour may be more vivid if needed. Since they can be produced for thousands and even hundreds less money, they are inherently superior to pink diamonds extracted from the ground.

In conclusion, buying genuine pink diamonds would be an expensive error owing to high markups, which are made worse because there is a small market for them to be sold again. It is only a marketing scheme considering its constrained supply.

They are still being mined by other mines all over the globe. In reality, it’s probable that the Argyle mine will start up again or that a different mine firm will buy it all together.