Types Of Tops Every Woman Must Have In Her Wardrobe


When it comes to stocking up with the right apparel, it’s always important to have a set of necessary but useful items. Cluttering the wardrobe with loads of clothes can always do more harm than good in the long run. With that being said, this article will highlight some of the most useful tops every woman must buy. From a versatile shirtdress from Frank & Eileen to a summer jacket from Ann Taylor, here are the essential tops to tick off every checklist: 

1. Button-Down Shirt: Starting with a formal addition, button-down shirts are great for those casual visits or formal meetups. They can also be wonderful as weekend wear with a nice pair of jeans, shorts or even a skirt. Button-down shirts are a great way to spruce up any casual look without dialling down the sophistication. 

2. Peplum: A versatile and another formal addition to the wardrobe, peplum can go with anything for a mix and match. It’s commonly worn to highlight the body shape without having to resort to a structured dress to wear. 

3. Sweatshirts: Now, slipping into the casuals, the sweatshirts reign supreme when it comes to casual wear. Edgy and stylish, they are recommended for those who are too lazy to find the right dress for any outing. 

4. Patterned Shirts And Striped Shirts: For those who want to feel casual with a pinch of formal wear, try shirts that are striped or patterned. Their modern designs are well-suited for any occasion and yet, not traditional enough to seem out of place. If shirts grab the fancy, try opting for shirt dresses from reliable manufacturers like Frank & Eileen to revel in that air of elegance. 

5. Tank Tops: If sweatshirts reign over casualwear, tank tops are the rebels that dominate the second spot for casual wardrobe essentials. Simple and affordable, tank tops offer that relaxed style perfect for any season. 

6. Turtlenecks: Sleeveless and long-sleeved turtlenecks offer the perfect combo of basic style with sophistication for both summers as well as winter months. For those looking to elongate their torsos while keeping their arms long, turtlenecks are the way to go. 

7. Statement Tops: Although not the most practical option when it comes to tops, they sure do help make an entrance. They are simple enough to blend into any occasion and bold enough to make the wearer stand out amongst the crowd. 

8. Lace Tops: For the more minimal look, lace tops offer the perfect opportunity to vibe during the summers without working up a sweat. Wear them with a pair of jeans, and one will get a simple yet ideal way to pull off that casual look. 

9. Boatneck tees: Boatneck tees were the peak of fashion in Australia many years ago, and their popularity soon dwindled. Nevertheless, they are still a fine addition for any casual or semi-formal wear and are very functional too. 

10. Blouses: Blouses are wonderful for casual wear if shirts and tees are too simple to wear. They go well with jeans and they always give off that unique look compared to most apparel. With a lot of designs in the market, customers can go for the hippie look, split necks or just settle for a white blouse. All of these options are great for summer wear. 

Boatneck tees, shoulder tops and blouses are looking to make a comeback as the Australian market for women’s apparel grows with the rising demand. In the years to come, one can hope how many new designs and styles will soon resurface as modern manufacturers are rewriting women’s fashion in Australia.