The Top Things You Can Do in Phoenix When it Rains


Well renowned for its sunny and warm weather, any trip to Phoenix, Arizona, is magical. Not just that, their nightlife is just as amazing. Going out is extremely fun here since there’s barely any cloudy weather problem.

Phoenix and rain don’t mix exactly. Even though their forecast is not always on point, there are always instances of sudden rain there. But don’t let some rain trap you up from the beautiful streets of Phoenix.

The only thing to remember – don’t forget to apply for your ESTA before you travel. You can take a look at the official ESTA application website to check the requirements.

So here are some things to update in your to-do list if you’re looking for something to do in Phoenix when it rains.

Indoor Activities in Phoenix

You can go to a museum, and it’s nice and cosy and also full of knowledge warmth! It will not only just shield you from the rain, but it would also fill you in with a great amount of knowledge that’ll satisfy your curiosity hunger.

You can also hit the mall at Scottsdale Fashion Square or Harkins Camelview at Fashion Square to make a quick stop to protect yourself from rain, and also meanwhile, you can grab a bite or shop something! You can undoubtedly satisfy your outing needs with some retail therapy here from hundreds of stores at Arizona’s largest shopping centre!

You can catch a movie, watching a movie can never be boring, can it? The only condensation you’ll find here is your specs getting moist after coming out of AC theatres! You can easily spend your rainy day at Alamo Drafthouse, where you can have some nice food with a bottle of cold beer watching some great movies.

Getting Around Phoenix

1. Arizona Science Center

Situated in Downtown Phoenix, this masterpiece and one of its kind is home to a High-End IMAX theatre and 300 hands-on exhibits. Here you can bring your kids for a nice fun science learning experience when it’s raining outside to play like usual in the park, and this can be a great change for you and your kids.

The museum is entirely kid friendly. Most exhibits are so interactive that they’ll catch your kids’ attention and teach them something new and meaningful.  It has enough activities and information for adults to indulge in as well!

2. Harkins Theatres Christown 14

This place’s ambience is very welcoming and heart warming. You can go chill in the theatre by simply grabbing some cold drink and popcorn on a rainy day in Phoenix. In North America, this is the 5th largest chain of theatre. Their interior is so classic and top quality. Their velvet soft seat covers will make you feel at home but don’t get too comfy, or you’ll doze off on the seat during the movie!

Night Activities in Phoenix

1. American Dishes at Seasons 52

This wine bar and grill are very tempting and sophisticated. Their welcoming dining is full of Mahogany accents, lush greenery, and custom-made wine cellars. On a rainy day in Phoenix, you can visit here and indulge in replenishing your energy by drinking some flavourful wine alongside some delicious lip-smacking food!

They have over 100 varieties of wine to choose from and are perfect to match any of the food items or cuisine types you’ll choose from the menu. The piano bar here is truly eye-catching, and it elevates your dining experience in no time! Apart from the great ambience and food, it’s also famous for its live entertainment.

2. Karamba Nightclub

Have the time of your life here dancing and vibing to DJ while you drink on some nice liquor! The techno music here will truly make you fall in love with dance. It’s such a great nightclub it’ll make you feel like you’re just in a nightlife city like Las Vegas. If you get hungry, the Mexican cuisine here is to die for! Their burritos, quesadillas, and tacos will truly refresh your mood, and drinking the beer alongside it would simply make the whole experience top level!

3. Seamus McCaffrey

This Irish restaurant and pub are a great place to go watch a good movie propped in all angles while sipping on the drink. They have some amazing chicken boxty and flavourful craft beer. Their music is so groovy it’ll make you sing along to it! If you’re not a very social person, you can just simply read your book beside a plate of some nice food. Some Irish Whiskey Cake here with a nice scoop of ice cream for dessert will elevate your experience here.

Apply for your US ESTA visa for at least 72 hours before you travel. You can even apply earlier – your ESTA is good for two years from when it is approved. It’s time to visit Phoenix, and rain shouldn’t be stopping you!