The perfect engagement ring


An engagement ring or a betrothal ring is a particular type of ring given to a partner on special occasions, mainly on the day they are engaged or wedded. It is a promise to stay with each other for the rest of their lives. Engagement rings in Australia are gaining popularity due to the rare stones and designs used. Australia, an independent continent, is known for its beautiful picturesque locations and landmarks. Hence wedding and engagement proposals are pretty standard there.

Design your ring.

Decide on the type of stone:

When you want to propose to your partner with a ring, the first thing to do is to decide on the type of stone that best symbolises your love for your partner. For example, diamond, the most common type, stands for pure love, Ruby for strong and toxic love, sapphire for genuine and long-lasting love, emerald for innocent love, and topaz for new love. One must also consider the budget and then choose the stone accordingly.

Examine the stone under different light sources:

Before committing to a specific type of stone, it is imperative to see the stone’s lustre in different light settings. For example, Ruby shines brightly in sunlight and not so much at night. Sapphire shines all the time. Emerald has a dull lustre compared to others but gives an aesthetic appeal. 

Size of the ring:

One must know the size of their partner’s finger before taking any significant steps to avoid chaos at the engagement time. There are different ways to know your partner’s ring size without their notice. Some of them include sneaking an old ring of your partner, asking their parents or friends, etc. On the other hand, some people prefer taking their partner to the store directly to choose the ring of their liking. 


This is the most crucial factor as it solely decides the outcome of the ring. Some people like minimalistic colours like silver and gold, while some like aesthetic colours like rose gold. Some people like to be extravagant and choose a combination of colours. It is essential to know what your partner wants before heading into customisation.


The final step is where the ring’s budget, stone, size, and colour come together to curate the perfect engagement ring. This is the final step wherein you walk into the store of your choice and discuss the details with the jeweller, deciding on the price, packaging, and the date it will be delivered. People also add notes, letters, and flowers to make it even more romantic.

What do people in Australia prefer?

The most widely preferred and liked by almost everyone in Australia is the Solitaire engagement ring. It is a ring that contains only one stone, mostly diamond or Quartz. Princess cut engagement rings are the second most popular engagement rings in Australia. They have brilliant cuts and are cheaper than the traditional Solitaire rings. Cushion and Emerald cut rings are the next popular rings providing alternatives to people who would like a change from the classic solitaire rings found everywhere. Emerald stone is known for delivering timeless glamour to the ring. In Australia, Halo engagement rings are trending in recent times due to their shape and cut. Many mini stones generally surround a large stone in this type of ring.

However perfect the ring is, one must never forget the other person’s tastes, primarily if they are getting engaged, as it is a new beginning of something meaningful. A person’s perspective of a beautiful ring might not be the same as the other. One might like an extravagant, complex ring with many stones and vibrant colours, while others would prefer something simple and classy. Hence, you should consider your partner’s personality and tastes for choosing the perfect engagement ring.