The Classic And Elegant Rolex Cellini Watches


The rise of luxurious watches began way back almost centuries ago, but it remains to be loved by watch enthusiasts and collectors. Numerous watch brands have stepped up and Rolex is not out of the competition. Rolex has been one of the most popular, famous brands in the luxury watch market. The brand was produced in London in 1905 but relocated to Switzerland after the first world war. Rolex has been remarkable for the past decades because of their innovation and unique style. With over 500 patents, most watches are hand-assembled with a couple of engineering mechanisms to keep up with the watch manufacturing and industry 

A Rolex is an investment, but it is particularly to be worn every day. The style and design of Rolex are timeless, and if you’re interested in getting a timepiece from the luxury brand soon, you might want to consider a Rolex Cellini watch. Elegant, stylish, and overall classy, women would love a fine accessory from this curated collection. Not to mention how each watch makes for a great investment and a generous gift for your loved ones. Check out what makes the models in the Rolex Cellini collection a must-buy:

Italian Renaissance Artist Inspired Collection

The Rolex Cellini collection is named after Italian craftsman and sculptor Benvenuto Cellini. In the 14th and the second half of the 16th century, Italy encountered a cultural rebirth, which led to the art school known as the Renaissance. Florence led an architectural, artistic, and literary revolution. On the Ponte Vecchio, one of the city’s symbolic locations, among goldsmiths and watchmakers, stands the impressive statue of Benvenuto Cellini, a master sculptor, and goldsmith of the Renaissance age, the most famous of his time, intelligent of molding valuable stones into creative forms.

Rolex Leveled up The Watch Industry by Adding The Timeless Collection

In 1970, the Cellini collection was already a different combination of luxurious, dress-oriented timepieces. While the vast majority of Rolex’s watches used their trademarked, waterproof Oyster case, watches in the Cellini collection often bound the screw-down crown and case back, as they did not require a high degree of water resistance of their tool watch counterparts.

The Rolex Cellini watch collection focused on elegance by designing using gemstones and gold. They decided to divert from the classic and rustic designs. They wanted to bring out a new thread of aesthetics and class with the release of this collection to change the game in the watch industry.

Rolex Has Released a Model Feature with a Moon Phases Display

The Cellini Moonphase features a particular display of the lunar cycle. It is a 39 mm watch that has 18ct Everose gold. The white covered dial Cellini Moonphase watch is also painted blue with designs that depict the full moon, new moon, meteorite applique and the latter by a silver ring. The moon phase is read via the sign set at midnight on the subdial, as the full moon and new moon rotate through the lunar cycle. The date around the circumference dial is represented as well in this watch by a center hand with a curved moon at its point.

A Model’s Dial Has a Date Display

The Cellini date denotes the passing of time, day after day. The Cellini time presented the time implication which is improved by information on the date thanks to a dial calendar. It also gives a layer of practicality with the date function that is placed on a small sub-dial. The self-winding mechanical Rolex movement keeps accurate time whilst the traditional looking 39mm 18ct Everose gold case, cast by Rolex in their foundry, sits comfortably on the wrist. In keeping with the style and beauty of the piece, the watch is available with only shiny black or brown alligator straps.

The dials of the Rolex Cellini Date are beautified using a popular guilloché technique, resulting in lines extending from the center out towards the edge. Other than the dial color options of black and silver, Rolex also has a blue dial version along with a blue leather strap. The retail price for the Cellini Date is amounting to $17,900 but the pre=owned version can be sold less. The watch is a Caliber 3165 automatic movement.  

It Caters to Watch Enthusiasts Who Prefer The Classics

The Cellini Times symbolizes an elegant yet timeless watch because it gives timeless code recognition. The design appears to be modern yet luxurious looking. The applique markers have a minute track that divides the center of the dial from the watch hand tips. Just like on every Rolex watch, the crown logo and appliques are made with 18 ct gold. 

Inside the Rolex Cellini Time watches are in-house, Rolex-made automatic actions that operate at 4Hz (28,800bph) with about 48 hours of power reserve. The Cellini models also go by the Rolex standard with every watch having the “Green Seal” certification. It means COSC Chronometer certification plus Rolex’s own “Rolex Certification.” The former is arguably unnecessary as Rolex’s standards are more powerful, requiring accuracy of -2/+2 seconds per day.

Final Thoughts 

The Rolex Cellini is a real style icon, and you can have confidence it will keep its price well, it is also the first-ever watch manufactured in large numbers to be awarded chronometric certification. Refined and sensible, the aesthetics of the Cellini watch align with the traditional Golden Ratio, which was also emphasized prominently in the works of Michelangelo, one of Benvenuto Cellini’s contemporaries and a fellow Renaissance Man. 

Rolex Cellini has given a powerful impact on any wearers that makes it hard to misremember. Today is the right time to ensure a reliable investment piece as well as an elegant piece of craftsmanship. Cellini’s no-frills approach to design assures that it can effortlessly ride evolving fashion trends, so you can be sure that this watch will feel as fresh fifty years down the line as it seems right now. And for more selection of luxury watches, you can visit