Not Out With The Old Yet: 4 Valuable Vintage Items to Collect


Vintage items have a remarkable history that is often sentimental or has a memorable event attached to them. It might be a part of family history or a part of a story of a larger group of people. They are materials that might bring back sweet and bitter memories. 

Popular collections can change quickly with the seasons, but there are always collections worth remembering. The collection maintains or enhances its value as time passes. Chances are the materials are worth a fortune in the present day because of their scarcity. But how do you identify these valuable and delicate items? If you are thinking of collecting vintage pieces, here are some items you can add to your list. 

Wristwatches – Vintage Oris Watch

Most people have tried a wristwatch in their lifetime. Old watches were valued in the past as they also are now. However, there are some vintage pieces that wristwatch enthusiasts still value to this day. 

Same shape, same design, but original craft characterizes vintage watches like the vintage Oris watches.  This watch brand can win the hearts of almost any user with a record-breaking history of simple, classic style and outstanding Swiss performance. Before trying the classic Oris watches, take a look at the brand’s history and famous watches. 

Oris watches are considered the cheapest Swiss watches. You can find high-quality Vintage Oris watches at a much lower price than other Swiss luxury watch brands. An example of an Oris vintage watch is the Oris Big Crown. This large crown is crafted to allow you to adjust the watch easily. One of the most desirable features of this popular flying watch is the Oris display. On the outer edge of this watch are 31 squares, representing the fourth indicator corresponding to the current day of the month. Another Oris vintage watch model is the Oris mid-century Calibers. In the middle of the 20th century, the company developed the caliber series and launched the first caliber 652 in 1968, accredited by the Swiss Observatory.


If you are looking for vintage items to collect, a reliable option might be vintage furniture. From antique tables to lamps and armrest chairs, you can find different types of furniture in this category.  If the furniture is over 20 years old but has been renovated, it is still considered vintage. Furniture especially from the 1950s to 1980s is generally considered antiques. 

The mid-century modern style furniture that has been popular since the 2000s can be called retro. Most people use the terms antique and old-fashioned interchangeably, but antiquity doesn’t mean old fashion as some of these designs are the basis for modern ones. To give the title vintage, it should be an example that defines a particular style. 

For example, the Eames chair is an excellent example of mid-century modern antique furniture. Old pieces can add personality and style to your interior or create cool elements that you won’t get in modern pieces. Since the antique furniture category spans decades, you have two options for decorating with antique pieces. You can collect and use antique/retro period items such as mid-century modern and sublimate this style into accessories. 

Alternatively, you can compose a collection of vintage engravings from different eras in combinations that create a cohesive look. When collecting works from different eras, combine colors and shapes in space or combine and add a visual element. 


Most members of high-class societies born decades ago have their jewelry case consisting of genuine precious stones. Vintage jewelry has been in possession for more than 20 years. About 50 years ago, gold and pearls were the gem that was primarily used in rings, bracelets, necklaces, pins, charm bracelets, and any other jewelry. Some have these pieces passed on to their children to date. 

Pearl was considered a good gem for the wealthy, and it was meant for the upper class. The world’s oldest jewel, the first pearl, dates back to 420 AD when the piece was found in the coffin of an Iranian princess. It was also reported in 2300 BC. It was given as a gift to the Chinese king. Julius Caesar published the rule that only the ruling class wear pearls. At the beginning of modern history, pearls were still a symbol of status. Examples include Coco Chanel and her iconic 1936 portrait showing her wearing a pearl necklace.

Of course, art collectors and jewelers are looking for unusual pieces, but usually only if the item they are looking for matches their unique beauty. It is very touching to pass on art and jewelry to the next generation. Each collection speaks to the person who collected it in a way that some collections do not.


Postcards are collectible vintage items. They were used as a souvenir after a trip in the past. Postcards were sent to family and friends with details about a trip or travel. However, they are no longer in use. Depending on the type of vintage card you collect, they can be worth a considerably high amount of money in the modern world. The value of the postcard and the symbols on it make it one of the most valuable vintage to find anywhere.  

Collecting stamps seems like an old hobby, but there are still many stamp collectors. There are potentially more stamps and postcards than other collectible items. This hobby is a combination of a love of art and a love of history. By collecting different stamps from different places, you can learn endlessly about the country of origin and the social and political climate in which the stamps were created. This is a very personal collection as these postcards were mostly sent to loved ones.


Vintage items tell a story and are of much more value than their monetary worth. Some of these items have been passed through generations and have meaning to the original owners. If you are a collector, there are so many reasons for collecting valuable pieces. 

One of them is also investment and profit from reselling. If you have furniture that has lasted more than 20 years, there are chances you can exchange it for a lot of money if they hold value in the market.