Installing Tubs Outdoors: Everything You Need to Know


Installing a tub or shower just outside your house may sound easy enough, but it is a complicated process that is best done by a professional. But if you are confident in your skills, here is all you need to know about undertaking such a task. 

Unlike most locations worldwide, bathtubs and showers outdoors are standard in Australia. If the idea of soaking under the open skies is thrilling, you should choose this design. Out of the box and practical, everything is fine with the outdoor showers and baths for sale. With one of these at home, you wouldn’t have to look for hotels with this unique feature.

Finding a Bath 

The first thing you need to do before starting this task is to pick a tub. Depending on your tastes and the conditions of the location you are doing the installation, you need to pick a tub. You can be flexible with the budget because, on the one hand, the tub will be exposed to the elements and take damage from it. On the other hand, the aesthetic appeal of an outdoor tub takes precedence. If you find stylish baths for sale, grab the opportunity to get an outstanding tub for a steal.

Think of Plumbing

The easiest way to get water outside your house is a hosepipe. Anything more complicated than that needs an expert at the helm. Considering your budget, there are more than a few options that you can explore. A garden hose might be the first idea that comes to your mind. As a water source outside the house, it is an easy and cost-effective option, even giving you flexibility with location, but you can only get cold baths out of this. The next budget-friendly option is a hosepipe out the window. Choosing a hosepipe means you will have limitations on the distance you can go, but there will be hot water if you connect it to the right source. 

You can opt for hot and cold taps with a bigger budget. With the help of a plumber, you can tap into the home’s water supply for the outdoor tub. Since you already have a plumber, they can also tell you the best spot to install the tub and take care of drainage. You can permanently hook the tub to the water supply if this seems unfavourable. This will be expensive, but the result will be the most reliable, giving you a seamless soak. 

Where to Drain?

Draining the tub water outdoors need not be much of a concern. You can opt for the easiest one, direct seepage into the ground. You can reuse the water if you have a lawn or other vegetation near the tub. You can also line the area with stones and pebbles to give it a more elegant finish. 

Another option is to use a collection tray. If your tub is fixed on the decking or something similar, allow the water to collect in the tray before it is drained away to the wastewater system of your home. A permanent drainage system is the best choice for those who have permanent plumbing for their bathtubs

Final Thoughts

Before installing a tub outdoors, you must consider a few factors, such as location, surface, function, drainage, etc. Another thing you must remember is permission from the respective regulatory body. Carefully checking the box for all these factors will ensure a smooth installation and numerous enjoyable outdoor soaks.