8 Things You Need to Know About Hublot


The number on the price tag does not have a distant relationship with the brand name above it. Whenever we keep the price in check, we also check the brand thoroughly, especially for splurge purchases like designer bags, clothes, and even luxury watches. Checking the tag and choosing a reliable brand become more important for those who decide to buy luxury watches. Luxury watches are not only luxury items but are also investments that will make you secure in the future. When buying luxury watches, you need to be extra meticulous! You may already have an idea about Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe, and all other watches out there. If you do not know much about Hublot, you have come to the right place! Here are some of the things you need to know about Hublot!

  1. Avant-garde design

If there is one thing that timepiece connoisseurs have known about Hublot, it must be the fact that they create one-of-a-kind watches. They not only create watches that tell time, but also art. Hublot is also rich in its design and identity that embraces as much variety as it can. They collaborated with different artists in creating their watch collections and special editions. By collaborating with different artists, they make sure that they bring in different tastes to their watch designs and artistry.

  1. Collaborated with different artists

We mentioned that Hublot works together with different artists to flesh out their personalities and translate them into creating a cutting-edge design. Collaborating with different artists is a register from Hublot that aims to be more inclusive.

If you are familiar with Beyonce, then you might also know her husband, Shane Carter, or best known as Jay-Z. Jay-Z, a singer, artist, and businessman, worked with Hublot to create a watch. The outcome of this collaboration is the Hublot Classic Fusion Shawn Carter watch. They also created the Swiss watchmaker company. The timepiece became one of Hublot’s famous watches also because of the fanbase and reputation that Jay-Z has built.

  1. A brand with a good cause for humanity

Some may overlook this factor, but if you are someone who has strong beliefs and sets of principles, you might be interested to know about Hublot’s participation in philanthropy. Aside from Jay-Z, Hublot has also worked with crowd favorites, like Ray Allen. Hublot collaborated with the Miami Heat superstar to provide support to the research for diabetes. Ray Allen and Hublot released three models: Ray Allen King Power, Ray Allen Big Bang, and the Ray Allen Classic Fusion. Hublot and Ray Allen donated all the proceeds from these watches to the research.

  1. The first to use rubber

When we talk about competition, it is impossible to not talk about innovation. Surely, most luxury watch brands have their fair share of contributing innovative technology to watchmaking. As for Hublot, they are the first watch brand to use gold and rubber to make a timepiece. Carlo Crocco launched the Hublot Watch in 1980 where he also unveiled this new watch design. Carlo Crocco focused on a watch’s adaptability and durability without sacrificing style. This watch then became the signature of the watch brand.

This rubber and gold watch also made Hublot rise to the ranks of excellence because the rubber effectively complements the watch’s classy dial. Mind you, the rubber they used is made from natural rubber and not synthetic! What is more, is that Hublot watches are light and comfortable to wear.

  1. French word for porthole

You might be curious about what Hublot means. This watch brand got its name from the French word that means porthole. The reason for this is that Hublot watches have the same shape as portholes, along with their gold and modest black dial.

  1. A FIFA World Cup timekeeper

From looking up different luxury watch brands, you might already have an idea about how luxury watch brands participate in important human adventures and sports activities. For Hublot, they became the FIFA World Cup’s official timekeeper in 2014 in Brazil. At the same time, Hublot released their watch, the “Soccer Bang” or the Big Bang Unico Chrono Bi-Retrograde watch.

Aside from being the official timekeeper for the FIFA World Cup, Hublot is also the UEFA Champions League’s official watch partner, the same with the UEFA Europa League up until 2018.

  1. Created one of the most expensive watches

Hublot may create watches for comfortability, aside from style but they also create expensive state-of-the-art watch collections. It made one of the most lavish watches in history, priced at a staggering five million dollars. The watch in question is the Hublot Big Bang Diamond—a watch completely different from the minimalist designs of Hublot watches. This fancy Hublot watch has about 1280 three-carat hand-cut diamonds. This watch is Beyonce’s gift to her husband, Jay-Z.

Powerhouse brand ambassadors

Brand ambassadors tell a lot about brand reputation. With this, Hublot also has a roster of powerhouse brand ambassadors, like Usain Bolt—the fastest man alive. NBA Superstar from the LA Lakers, Kobe Bryant also endorses Hublot. Hublot also has lots of brand ambassadors from the world of football, like the legendary Pelé and the manager of Chelsea FC, José Mourinho.

  1. Superb customer service

What everyone may look for in a watch brand is its customer service. For this, Hublot has been known for. Hublot guides its customers wherever they are. People know this brand to have a dedicated service to their customers.

Choose your Hublot ticking companion

Reading Hublot facts may give you a clearer perspective about the brand. Now that you know a few things about the watch brand, you can learn more and check out more of their models! When buying a Hublot watch, make sure you buy only from reliable stores that bring you only legitimate items. You can visit WatchShopping.com and scan through their timepieces, for example. WatchShopping.com will provide you with the best watches at a lower price. They not only have Hublot watches but also watches from different reliable luxury watch brands! Check them out and learn more!