6 Facts You Need To Know About UGG Boots


Whether tanned brown or navy sheepskin, UGG boots have a way of remaining the hottest trend in all seasons. Despite Australia’s scorching heat, this footwear is the definition of comfort and controversy combined. 

But, have you ever wondered how the UGG boots from Australia became the showstopper of the fashion world? 


Founded in 1978, the UGG brand is a registered trademark of Dekker Outdoor Corporation from California. It was created by two Australian surfers, Brian Smith and Doug Jensen. Initially, the company faced slow growth in demand, but it gained momentum in 1994 when these boots were worn in Lillehammer by the U.S. Winter Olympic team.

After the event, the UGG boots became the staple for all the surfer activities.


Even though the UGGs were created in the U.S.A., the original idea came from native Australian sheepherders. Cattle readers wore these boots in the early 1920s as a substitute for day-to-day footwear. Because of their building material, this footwear was immune to rotting from the wool yolk (wax and suint).

Note: Wool yolk is a byproduct of sheep’s wool called lanolin which is sticky.

Marker of Rebellion

In the 1970s, the UGGs became a go-to option for competitive surfers. They preferred to wear it after surfboarding to keep their feet dry and warm. Soon after, the combination of ripped jeans and surfer boots got popular as an offbeat fashion choice. However, Sydney movie theatres didn’t allow entry to the natives wearing footwear.

Such a ban enhanced the demand for UGG boots among youth by labelling them as an indicator of rebellion.

Moments of Acclaim

This footwear came to everyone’s notice when Oprah put them in her “Favourite Things”. This moment was the deciding factor for the boots’ rise to fame. The celebrity purchased more than 300 pairs to distribute to her staff, which massively increased global sales. 

After this, UGGs became the stylemark of 2000s fashion. 

With Kate Moss in 2003, Beyonce in 2004, Paris Hilton’s UGG-Obsession etc., the footwear could be easily spotted in every fashionista’s wardrobe.


The UGGs indicate the need for convenience of the user. However, these are more than just cozy boot sets. 

This footwear defines inclusivity with timelessness. Celebrities spotted in grocery stores donning the boots show their fans how ‘alike’ everyone is. 

Strutting Back in Style

With time, the UGG boots became more of a practical option against trend-making choices. Through Y/Project of knee-high UGG galoshes in 2018, they re-entered the fashion industry as the red carpet essentials. 

From a cattle-rearing-suburban-herder’s attire to Rihanna’s airport look, the UGG boots from Australia have come a long way. Not only do these ensure maximum comfort and warm care to the feet, but they also bring out the nostalgic feel-good moments from the past. 

The mini-revolution caused by the UGGs has made it star footwear for everyone. Whether it’s the celebrity fashionistas or a middle-class Australian native, these boots are a ubiquitous part of everyone’s life. 

So, if you haven’t bought your first pair yet, now will be a good time to invest in timeless comfort!