Free Medicare benefits and some downsides of original Medicare Plans


By choosing the original Medicare Plan, if you are not getting the services you needed the most, and then you can always choose your plan and consider taking Medicare Plan G. In this article, we will talk about how you can have more benefits from your original Medicare Plan and will it be a good decision for you to invest in Medicare Plans budget-wise.

You can have free Medicare benefits

There are many older people out there who don’t know what their Plans can offer them the most. Before you decide your chosen Plan, make sure you know all the benefits you will get from it, and then try to negotiate about getting free benefits from the Plan.

From some Plans, you will get a screening process for cardiovascular disease for free including counseling for depression. Also, you will have free benefits of receiving flu and pneumonia vaccines.

Decide the best provider

You can screen the Medicare Advantage Plan’s website if you are using their Plans.

Home health benefits from Medicare

To have this benefit, you need to be homebound. Meaning, you have difficulties to get out of your home.

Your rights

You should fight for your rights if you notice you are being left out from any specific Medicare benefit. Make sure to check out your quarterly Medicare summary notice. You will all the data regarding your benefits.

There are money-saving programs for you

Those who have a limited budget are already qualified for Medicare Saving Programs. You can have the Medicare Part B premiums from your plan.

Medicare hospice benefits for you

Those who are terminal patients usually get left out from having many benefits like Medicare Hospice benefit.

However, if you are hoping that Medicare is going to be budget-friendly for you, you are wrong and here we will know what you can have from these Plans.

Not a budget-friendly option

Medicare Plans are usually divided into a few parts and they are- Part A, Part B, Part C, Part D, Medicare Benefits, Medigap, etc. You can always choose Medicare Plan G if things don’t go with your plan.

You have maximum benefits by choosing all in one option

You can choose the traditional Medicare Plan which has Part A, Part B, Part D, and a Medigap policy.

You have to pay more if you are rich

Those with lots of money have to pay more than other beneficiaries. Like- by taking a traditional Medicare Plan, you might have to pay for Part B and D.

Timing of sign-up

If you have social security benefits you will automatically get Part A and B. without social security benefit, they will need you to sign up for giving the Part A and B benefits.

Free benefits

Usually, beneficiaries are entitled to get many free benefits. The screening process for pneumonia, cardiovascular disease, flu shots, etc, will be included.

What you won’t get from Medicare?

By having the original Plan you will get basic health care but that won’t be for the long term.