Actors frequently experience performance anxiety, but the good news is that overcoming stage fright is a skill that can be learned. 

You are not alone if you hate the prospect of performing in front of a group of people. Performance anxiety, sometimes known as “stage fright,” affects millions of individuals. In reality, the majority of individuals would rather be sick than performing. 

This post will provide you some suggestions to help you see things through if you have a strong desire to perform but are nervous about doing so.

#1 Practice! 

The more you practice the better you get. If you know your lines properly and you’ve practiced, chances are you’ll not be that nervous. However, if you aren’t well prepared and have to be on the stage in the next ten minutes, you’ll get anxious and fear performing. Therefore, the best way to overcome stage fright is through practicing as many times as you can. Practice until you get better. The more you do it, the less scary it would seem. 

Perform in front of the class, or mirror. Once you get the hold of it, you’ll start to feel much more confident and you would notice bidding goodbye to the performance anxiety you suffer from. 

#2 Distract yourself!

Yes, there are hundreds of people staring at you and while that thought may seem scary, try not to think about it. Focus on something else instead. Your co-actors may be reading their lines so focus on that. 

Forget that you are performing in front of people and start to think as if you’re actually in a situation. By doing so, you will not face any performance anxiety and will be able to give an outstanding performance. 

#3 Think of your hard work!

Remember all the hard work that you’ve put in. Why would you want to spoil that by being nervous? You have what it takes so go out there and prove them wrong. 

All the hard work that you have given to this performance won’t go to waste if you don’t let it. Tell yourself that you got this and you have what it takes. Do not worry about failure, just go out there and perform. Thinking of your hard work will also give you the motivation to achieve all that you want to. Thus, reducing the fear of performing on stage. 

#4 Think about your audience!

Don’t forget that the audience is out there just to see you perform. They are there to support you so what could go wrong. If not for yourself, then perform for them. You may not know your audience, but they know you. 

By thinking about your audience, you will get a push to go on the stage and nail your performance for them. 

#5 Meditate!

Before every performance, you must meditate. Take deep breaths and focus on breathing. Breathe in and out and allow all the negative energy to leave your body. Don’t let stress, fears, or anxiety mess with your performance. Always remember that you are stronger than that. 

Stage fright or performance anxiety happens to the best of actors so know that it is completely normal and you can fight it. Don’t give up and keep performing. 

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