IMO class 7 Eligibility Criteria 2021


IMO Exam 2021 – The International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) is an annual competition for children in grades 1 through 12. The Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) organizes the competition. The SOF International Mathematics Olympiad is a competition that tests students’ understanding of logical thinking, mathematical reasoning, and daily mathematics. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) test is divided into two levels. IMO Level 1 is held for students in grades 1 through 12, while Level 2 is held for students in grades 3 through 12 who have passed the level 1 exam.

  • Criteria for IMO Eligibility in 2021:
  • Students in grades one through twelve are eligible to compete in the first level Olympiads. There are no further qualifying criteria, such as a minimum grade point average.
  • Students who qualify for the 2nd level of the test include the following individuals:
  • Students that sit for the 1st level test are in the top 5 percent of their classes, on average.
  • Zone-by-zone, class-by-class ranking of the top 25 rank holders.
  • Each participating school’s top students from each class who sit in the test and get at least 10 qualifying marks (50 percent) are recognised.
  • In the event that registration is received section-by-section, the students who get the highest scores, regardless of the section, will be eligible to proceed to the second level.
  • In the case of sectional registrations, the winner(s) of the gold medal may not necessarily qualify for the second level of competition.
  • Students from classes 1 and 2 are exempt from taking the 2nd level test and are instead rated according to their performance in the first level exam, which is held in May.
  • The Purpose and Benefits of the IMO Exam:

The goal of the IMO Exam is to evaluate students on the basis of their ability to think logically, to reason mathematically, to understand everyday mathematics, and so on. The primary goal of this exam is to identify the brightest minds on the planet and to assist them by providing them with some form of reward. Through the provision of these advantages, SOF hopes to inspire students and assist them in achieving their goals, which in this instance is to master mathematics.

The following are some of the advantages that students will get if they pass the IMO examination:

  • A cash prize of up to INR 50,000 may be awarded.
  • Certification
  • Medals
  • By passing this exam, pupils will also get global exposure.
  • Participants’ performance in the classroom will improve as a result of this programme.
  • Materials for IMO Studies Important Information 2021 IMO Eligibility Criteria Overview:

IMO The whole curriculum for the student’s class is included in the study materials. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) conducts tests at two separate levels. There are two levels of government: zonal and international. The majority of study resources for worldwide tests of this kind are recommended at the school level. Students studying from any class may use their own textbooks and other essential materials to prepare for the tests, even if they are not from that particular class. The usage of additional reasoning books is also recommended for students in order to get significant experience with the arithmetic tasks.

  • Important Reminder:
  1. The following special notification has been posted on the official website.
  • Examining will take place throughout the school day.
  • The exam will be conducted in the English language medium.
  • The questions will be set in accordance with the school board’s curriculum.
  • The keys to overcoming the first level of the IMO:
  1. What exactly do you have to study?

The first level exam covers 70% of the prior class’s content. You should practise using IMO previous year papers. Examine the syllabus to identify and locate the sources required to learn the different IMO themes.

Our IMO Olympiad sample papers can help you improve your abilities.

  1. Collecting research materials

Prepare your study materials in advance of your class. Don’t spend your time scrambling around for study resources at the last possible minute.

  • Exam Format:

The questions at the IMO level are conceptual, which means that the answers to the questions do not need direct knowledge of the ideas, but rather an understanding of the applications of those concepts. 

                                    You should also be familiar with the application of the ideas, which you may learn about by reading the “Achiever’s Section,” which has questions that are based on an advanced level application of principles. 

                                     You should be familiar with the idea and the pattern, and you should practise Mathematical Olympiad sample problems that are based on the precise pattern of the level 1 IMO question papers from the previous year before entering the competition.

  • Begin preparing today:

The majority of pupils who desire to advance to IMO level 1 have already begun preparing for the exam.

  • Perceive the state of panic:

This panic situation may be avoided by practising under real-life time constraints and with the same pattern of questions as in real life. IMO question papers are quite lengthy, and it takes a great deal of preparation to finish the paper in the allotted time. Solving arithmetic problems on the internet will be of little help to anyone. You must practise answering the questions on paper in order to finish them within a specified time frame.

  • Management of Time:

Prepare a schedule and follow it to the letter. Practice with a variety of questions. Concentrate on improving your weakest areas. You should begin planning far in advance if you do not want to overburden yourself.

  • Patience:

In any industry, including IMO, success does not happen overnight or in a couple of days. It takes a significant amount of hard work and dedication. You should not give up even if you don’t see immediate results. Continue to put up your best effort. Sooner or later, the findings would be more favourable.

You can also refer to IMO Sample Paper 2 Class 7.

  • Consistent Practice:

The subject of mathematics is one that you should truly study. You will only be able to comprehend the principles if you put up significant effort and study every facet of the subject. It will instil confidence and create the capacity to deal with any difficulty that arises.