How to prepare for the UPPCL JE exam without coaching?


The UPPCL JE is one of the foremost and most prestigious exams for getting a government job in India, especially in Uttar Pradesh. The Uttar Pradesh Corporation Limited is seen to conduct this examination, and this has to be understood from the very outset. There are numerous perks to be seen in this job with a starting salary of close to 50000 rupees per month. 

Therefore, quite naturally, many candidates attempt to crack UPPCL JE exam with due precision as soon as possible. This is seen to guarantee them stability in their life and career, and it is imperative to note that it is so lucrative. Coaching is often considered the gateway to success, and this has to be noted with due concern. But unfortunately, many students, a significant number of whom are meritorious, cannot afford the best coaching facilities to succeed in this realm. Therefore, this article discusses ways to succeed without coaching in this particular exam.

Having a Proper Plan

Students must begin their preparation journey by having a proper plan so that they have a fair amount of ideas about what to do and how and this has to be noted with due concern. They must make proper study plans to decide which topic to give more importance to and what amount of time. Thus, delegation of the tasks is imperative and must be understood with due diligence. This can help make many tasks convenient for the people appearing for the exam without coaching.

Making notes daily

It is imperative to make self-made notes daily with the expert guidance of BYJU’s Exam Prep. This can help in the last-minute preparation attempts. However, while preparing for UPPCL JE, it can be seen that a large number of complex topics will automatically get into the students’ minds, and they can then go on to solve different topics and questions regarding that particular subject area. This has to be understood with due concern here. 

Solving previous year questions

This is one of the best techniques to help people crack this examination without coaching. It must be remembered that although the syllabus and pattern of the exam change periodically, the basic theoretical essence remains the same. Therefore, going through all the UPPCL JE PYSP at BYJU’s Exam Prep can clarify the people appearing for this exam, which can help them a lot in the long run.

Looking for free guidance videos on YouTube

The platform of YouTube is now seen as an emerging destination for all students interested in preparing for different competitive exams. This has to be understood initially, as most of the videos here are free. Those who are studying without coaching can access the numerous facilities that are seen to be available on this platform. They will get multiple viewpoints on preparing and which areas to focus on. Conceptual clarity can be guaranteed as well.

Looking for strengths and weaknesses 

The students must figure out the strengths and weaknesses of their respective preparation as they go through its journey. Then they can work on their respective strengths and weaknesses accordingly, which can truly be a strategic move for them in the long run. 


Coaching is not the only way to succeed in the UPPCL JE exam. One can achieve clear it without any professional help at all. However, there are diligent means of doing so. This article here explored some of those facets with due sincerity at large.