Every Guy’s Scout to Find His Woman’s Ring Size (Without Letting Her Know)


So, you found the woman of your dreams and decided to level up your relationship with a surprise engagement plan. 

Now what? 

It’s the most crucial part of your plan – the ring selection. 

If you want a band that she cherishes (without looking for the receipt for exchange), custom engagement rings are a perfect choice. But, you can’t let her know about your master plan. 

Worried about the ring size now? No need. Take care of other parts of your engagement event and go through the guide to scoop out her band measurement.

Before You Start On Your Top Secret Mission

You must know how a ring size is measured before you venture out to find the most beautiful band, right? 

Even if you didn’t, here’s how to proceed!

  • The ring size takes into account the circumference of the finger. 
  • Each circumference measurement comes under a standard ring size which is on a scale of F to Z
  • Ensure that you wrap the measuring device around the thickest part of the finger.
  • Now closely identify the numbers in millimeters that comfortably snug the finger. 
  • After getting the precise cinch measure, refer to the measurement chart of the jeweler to find out the respective size.

How to Secretly Estimate the Ring Size?

Now that you know how to measure the finger circumference for the ring size, here are the ways to find it. (Covertly, of course!)

Tool 1: Use a Dental Floss or a String

The most commonly used daily item can become your potent instrument for getting the job done. All you have to do is wrap the string along the thickest part of her finger. You can even cut or mark up to which the measurement seems perfect.

Later you will need to measure the chopped or labeled string on a carpenter’s tape to know the exact metric.

Tool 2: Find a Virtual Ring Sizer

You can find a well-reviewed online ring sizer to check the ring measurement. Moreover, if precision is your absolute priority, you can ask your local jeweler to send you a gauging tool. 

Tool 3: Go Stealth with a Soap

You can’t let your partner get even a hint of your plan. That’s why you need a bar of soap. Wait! It’s not as absurd as it sounds. Essentially, you have to take one of her rings and create an impression on the soap. 

Voila! You got the precise size. 

A Few Smart Tips For You to Get the Stunning Ring Right in the First Go

You are almost there. Right now, you need a little more wisdom to pick the perfect engagement ring! 

  • Choose a larger size ring if you’re confused, as you can later remove the metal to fit it better.
  • Keep the jeweler in the loop to know about the recourse if the retrieved ring size doesn’t match the actual circumference.
  • Ensure that you factor in the time of the day and weather for ring size as the skin contracts and expands accordingly. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re window shopping or going through custom engagement rings, getting the right size can make or break your surprise. Now that you have the practical tips and useful yet secret tools, you can get the snug fit to convert into a band for life.

Congrats! You’re all set to surprise your bride-to-be.