Bhagat Singh and His Role in the Freedom Movement


Born on the 28th of September, 1907, Bhagat Singh turned out to become one of the youngest freedom fighters to stand up and fight for the freedom of his fellow countrymen. He was completely against capitalism. He was against British rule as well as the decision to divide India based on communal lines. 

Bhagat Singh was an inspiration to many young and old individuals to take courage and fight for their freedom from British rule. The Naujawan Bharat Sabha was founded by him in the year 1926 in order to motivate workers and peasants to fight against British rule. He, along with Sukhdev, Chandrasekar Azad and others, was responsible for the establishment of the Hindustan Socialist Association in 1928. He supported Mahatma Gandhi in the Non-Cooperation Movement. He was affected immensely by the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre as it was a violent and unacceptable move led by General Dyer to trap a group of unarmed Indians and shoot them mercilessly. This particular incident triggered not just Bhagat Singh but all the Indians because of the level of brutality and the lack of accountability and reliability that raised doubts in the minds of the citizens about the intentions of the British Government. This massacre was what instigated people to take part in the non-cooperation movement, eventually leading to freedom from British rule.  

Bhagat Singh’s way of thought and action are reflected in his sayings, and it also gives us an idea of how one should think and act if one wants to bring some change to the existing system. Bhagat Singh Slogans can give you a clear picture of the kind of person he was. This will definitely make you feel empowered and confident about raising your voice against the unjust activities you see and hear about. 

The Art of Writing Slogans

Slogan writing is the easiest way to let people know about what you are for or up against and stays on the minds of the people for a really long time. It gets people who are interested in joining hands with you for the same cause. The more people you get to support any particular cause, the more are the possibilities to attain the desired end result. The article on Slogan Writing in English will help you learn how to write good and catchy slogans that would create a greater impact in the minds of your audience. 

We should have definitely witnessed many movements for various causes so far. How many of these movements have had people with no placards at all? The success of any campaign, movement, street play or any act that is put forward to create awareness, and help people realise the importance of immediate action, is always in the way it is all presented, and placards with slogans written on it or shouting slogans have mostly been the easiest and most effective ways to get the attention of your audience. It takes a lot of practice and a way with words to write good, inspiring and influential slogans.