Test your luck on a Saturday with a million-dollar lotto


Everyone has luck. It is all about time and place that depends if your luck is in your favour. If you manifest good, your luck will come running towards you like in lotteries. The word Saturday itself excites everyone as it begins a weekend. Taking $4 million home every Saturday adds gallons to that excitement. Saturday lotto gives people a chance to take millions of dollars home by winning the lottery. 

Where is it popularly played?

It is popular in Australia and made the residents go crazy over the game. The Lotto began around 40 years ago. People in Australia would not leave a single chance to earn money. Who would leave a ticket to become a millionaire in one night!

Essential details and rules about the million-dollar Lotto

The Saturday Lotto is similar to other lotteries. The official website has the registration link. It portrays a countdown once you have registered and allotted you a number. If you are an early register or a regular player, it gives you the freedom to choose your number. Each person is assigned a number, which is drawn out randomly. Every number has an equal probability of being drawn. This purely depends on one’s luck and charm. People willing to participate must register and choose a number since the draws close at 7:30 pm (AEST). There are six prize divisions with an estimated $4-$5 million as the first prize pool. There are super and mega draws during special occasions like Christmas and Easter, with colossal prize pool money estimated at $20 and $30 million, respectively. However, the following two numbers drawn after the first six winning numbers are called the supplementary numbers and are also awarded depending upon the money left. 

How much does it cost to play?

There is a minimum entry of four games. There are various types of tickets, starting from 4 games to 50 games. The minimum ticket price is $3.30, and the maximum is $31.977. It is economical if you buy an entry ticket with more games as it increases your chances of winning and the amount you could win. Another category of entry tickets is the system type. For example, a person with an entry ticket of system 7 gets to play seven games, and a ticket of system 20 gets to play 38,760 games. This is the most expensive ticket since it costs $31.977. The concept of system tickets is not the same as gaming tickets. System tickets require more investment in terms of both money and time. Generally, people with membership in the Saturday lotto and the wealthy class tend to buy the system ticket since they are familiar with the game. First-timers are commonly seen purchasing gaming tickets.  

The results:

The website updates regularly with the prize division table. Prize breakdowns and the winning numbers with supplementary numbers are mentioned in an organised way in the form of a table, depicting a clear picture to the audience. The winners get the results straight to their mailbox. Unfortunately, most of them go to spam, so people have to open the official website to check. This is one of the drawbacks that this million-dollar game possesses. 

People who didn’t register can enjoy watching live broadcasts on channel seven or 7TWO at approximately 8:30 pm (AEST) every Saturday. The draw begins at 8:30 pm sharp. It is the perfect time for people looking to spend the night indoors. It is a family show, organised enthusiastically with anchors, opening ceremonies, etc. This is no less than a daily soap!